About Us

Walcon Construction was established in 1998 with its roots beginning when our father Boutros started renovating our local churches for good will. He would bring me and my brother along to help with any of the work required such as staining chairs, electrical, plumbing and maintenance. After a number of years working alongside my father, Walcon Construction was born.

The founding director Wally has been in the building industry for over 20 years and is committed to providing quality and excellence in all our services. Throughout this time his passion has allowed our experiences in the building industry to vary from building units and prestige homes from scratch, to renovations and commercial work. Building has had a lot of ups and downs but Walcon Construction is always busy throughout the period.

Walcon Construction not only services and builds large projects but also enjoys completing small jobs which may only need five minutes. We also have no problems travelling throughout Sydney to complete any construction work. We are a licensed business and have all insurances up to date.